Prestige Household

Prestige Parenting is a unique London based recruitment agency. All Prestige staff are of high quality, are experienced and enthusiastic individuals who are dedicated to their chosen career. We only recruit staff of the highest calibre, and globally source staff to match them personally with your family,making sure that you are provided with the best person for you.


Your butler plays an integral part of the household providing a flawless and professional service to the household that is being served. The butler will provide an excellent and extremely proficient care of your guests yet not impose on the situation.

Your butler will have a passion for service, excellent communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team.

Your butler will be able to cope with pressurised situation and the flexibility to work for long unscheduled hours.

Duties involve:
• Receiving of guests into the property
• Maintaining the standards of operations of the household and running tasks for the client/household as required
• Arranging any travel plans for the client/household as required
• Maintaining the household security to the standards requested by the household.
• Controlling and maintaining the household budget
• Hiring and dismissing of junior staff
• Supervision of any outside contractors within the household
• Managing of household duties
• General Valet duties as requested by the client/household
• Serving meals and drinks to guests and if required, cooking duties to assist in the delivery of meals to the household.
• Maintain and service any secondary properties.

Desired Qualifications:
Certificate or Diploma in Butlering or Catering.


An experienced professional who usually works as part of a team,ensuring the smooth running if the household. They should use their initiative and have and ability to take and remember the instructions.


  • Taking care of all general household duties, such as cleaning, vacuuming, dusting etc
  • Polishing silver, brass
  • Flower arrangement
  • Shopping
  • Organising wardrobes, shelves, cupboards
  • Laundry, ironing from shirts to bed sheets
  • Dealing with contractors
  • Taking messages
  • Helping at dinner parties
  • Cooking or preparing food
  • Occasional childcare
  • Other activities such as basic gardening

House Managers

The position of house manager is one that can be necessary for houses with several staff needing supervision and guidance. The position can also greatly benefit those with more than one residence or those who often need to leave a busy household unattended. A good house manager is one with exacting standards and experience within a traditional household, The role comes with ultimate responsibility and often full accountability for the management of the entire household.

Frequently the most senior role in the staff hierarchy, the house manager is responsible for the everyday running of one or more properties and will report directly to the principle. An experienced house manager should exhibit managerial qualities and highly professional standards. The role demands excellence in organisational and operational skills.


  • Ensuring the high standards of service are maintained in accordance with the clients instructions.
  • Development of standards and protocols
  • Financial accounts and budgeting
  • Household inventories and supply control
  • Planning of formal entertainment and business schedules.
  • Negotiating with outside contractors to ensure tasks are completed
  • Administrative duties, including payroll.
  • Working and organising other household staff
  • Assisting in the recruitment of staff.


Our chefs and cooks are able to work in a private home environment , providing the family with a wide range of culinary delights .They are flexible in their approach ,and cater for all the dietary requirements of the family,can cope under pressure and are able to work long hours to got in with the needs if the family.They are available to work in private estates or households  as well as for private yachts and planes.


  • Source and buy fresh ingredients to prepare meals.
  • Prepare healthy, well balanced meals according to the individual needs of each family member
  • Individually manage the kitchen inventory
  • Plan family meals, dinner party menus, functions and drinks parties.
  • Hiring additional waiting staff, sourcing good equipment for large functions and coordinating the events themselves.

Private PA’s

A confident, professional person required to work alongside the family to meet their needs. You will ideally have previous experience in working in a private house and the confidential nature of the environment. As the PA to the family, you will be hard working, articulate and able to change directions/juggle change in order to assist the client.


  • Diary management for the household
  • Liaising with and managing other household staff
  • General household administration for the family
  • Oversee and organise any family travel as requested
  • Working closely with the clients to ensure that any family tasks are completed to the standard required.


Highly trained and Experienced Security personnel will maintain the safety of your family and property.Accompanying you wherever they are needed, ensuring that they have risk management planning in place for any situation they may encounter.


  • Patrolling grounds
  • Monitoring CCTV
  • Liaising with alarm companies
  • Accompanying family members protecting them when out of the house
  • Ensuring safety whilst travelling

All our household staff are highly experienced and come with full references.