Prestige Childcare

Prestige parenting is a unique London based agency. All Prestige staff are of high quality, are experienced and enthusiastic individuals who are dedicated to their chosen career. We only recruit staff of the highest calibre, and globally source staff to match them personally with your family, making sure that you are provided with the best person for you.

Maternity Nurses

A Maternity Nurses primary focus are Mother, Father and newborn baby on return to their home environment. Your Maternity Nurse will have many additional skills to offer your family like dealing with sleep and Breastfeeding issues.

A maternity nurse is on call for 24 hours a day either 5, 5.5 or 6 days per. Her time off per week consists of one full day and one full night; during this time the maternity nurse can ask to sleep alone or take time off outside the home.

Duties Include:

  • Care for your newborn baby
  • Postnatal care for you
  • Establishing a routine within the home environment
  • Tidying the baby’s room, and day to day laundry for the baby
  • Establishing good sleeping patterns by caring for the baby through out the night so you can get a good night sleep
  • Encouragement and support with breast feeding your baby
  • Sterilising and making up the bottles for your baby



An experienced and professional Nanny to work along side the family/employer and take responsibility for the safety, development and nurturing of the children. As the family nanny, you will take care and ensure the smooth running of the Nursery within the household. As part of the duties, the nanny would be expected to meet the children’s needs for travel and additional activities.


  • Undertake all nursery duties relating to the children only
  • Providing care such as bathing, dressing and preparing nutritious meals
  • Be expected to wash, iron and organise the children’s clothes and belongings
  • Ensure that toys are clean, safe and age appropriate
  • Organised and tidied away at the end of the day, and the play area kept clean and tidy
  • Ensure the children are active and social; for example she will organise play dates, attend baby classes, outings to the park, library etc.
  • Use her knowledge and skills to further the children’s development through play
  • Provide activities such as creative arts and crafts, construction play, singing, reading
  • Travel with the children as required, including overseas

A Nanny is not expected to do any heavy housework, family cooking or any other chores not related to the children.


Education will be the focus point of any position as a governess. They will provide your children with a focused programme of education, to stimulate and develop their minds.So they can excel in the future.

• Co-ordinate and manage all educational tasks
• Ensure that all educational materials have been obtained
• Administer any exams as and when required.
• May be required to assist with any educational needs for any siblings.

Our staff are all highly trained and experienced. All have DBR checks & full First Aid Certificates.